Mountain Landscape – A Painting a Day for 1 Year – Day 8

 “Mountain Landscape,” oil on canvas, by American artist John Joseph Enneking, Bates College Museum of Art.

 John Joseph Enneking (October 4, 1841- November 16, 1916) was an American Impressionist born of German ancestry in Minster, Ohio on 4 October 1841.

He was educated at Mount St. Mary’s College, Cincinnati, served in the American Civil War in 1861-1862, studied art in New York and Boston, and gave it up because his eyes were weak, only to return to it after failing in the manufacture of tinware.

From 1873 to 1876 he studied in Münich under Schleich and Leier, and in Paris under Daubigny and Bonnat; and in 1878-1879 he studied in Paris again and sketched in the Netherlands. Enneking is a plein air painter, and his favorite subject is the November twilight of New England, and more generally the half lights of early spring, late autumn, and winter dawn and evening.

The Enneking Parkway in Hyde Park, Massachusetts is named after John Joseph Enneking.

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2 Responses to Mountain Landscape – A Painting a Day for 1 Year – Day 8

  1. I so much prefer the American Impressionists to the Hudson River School idealized landscapes. Enneking’s landscapes have a richer texture than, say, Alder Weir’s – thanks for posting

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