Final Jeopardy for 12/22/10

Category: U.S. History

The day after the 15th Amendment took effect, Thomas Peterson became the 1st Afr. American to do this under its provisions.

Answer: Vote

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2 Responses to Final Jeopardy for 12/22/10

  1. Steve says:

    Final Jeopardy for 22dec2010: Like another contestant, I thought of “What is register to vote?”, but this was incorrect. Would this not be as good as the correct answer “What is vote?”

    • bobcb518 says:

      I’m guessing that they didn’t take it because registering to vote is not the same thing as actually voting. Someone else could have registered before that Thomas Peterson guy, but he was the one who actually cast the first vote. I’m just guessing.

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