Dear American Idol, People Aren’t Mindreaders

So, Pia was voted off of American Idol last night, and it’s all America’s fault. Really? At least that’s what the judges have implied. The judges were upset that Pia Toscano was booted from the show. They blame the Idol voters, collectively known as ‘America’. I’ll say it again. REALLY?

The judges have, excuse me, ‘had’, this thing called a save. Logic tells me that the save would be used on someone that they really wanted to win, or at least be in the top 3. They chose to use it on Casey Abrams ( I would post a picture of him, but quite frankly his looks creep me out) a few weeks ago. Personally, I think that was a mistake, but I’m not an Idol judge. I am also NOT a mindreader. Every week the judges heap praise upon almost every single contestant. They give the impression that they like them all the same. So, if they don’t want someone eliminated why don’t they look into the camera and say, “So and so is the person that we like best. Everyone who votes, please vote for them. We want them to win. We DON’T like ‘so and so’. Please don’t vote for them. We don’t want them to win.”

“A mistake is one thing, but lack of passion is unforgivable. They’re wrong. She’s beautiful when she sings — she’s a bird.”

That quote came from Steven Tyler. He likes everybody. What I want to know is what does he mean by lack of passion. I have passion for quite a few things, but keeping a certain contestant on a television show is not one of them.

American Idol is all about the advertisers anyway. They promote their products more that the contestants. Why not make Coca Cola or Ford a contestant? If Idol is really concerned about the contestants and their careers then why do they have them dance around and sing in cheesy commercials for Ford. If they really like Pia so much, then why don’t they give her a recording contract and promote the hell out of her?

There is a certain heirarchy with the contestants that, although unspoken, is definately sensed. We know that they like Pia better than Stefano. We know that they want Paul to go home. We pretty much know who they want in the top 3. So why all of the mystery? Why all the liking everyone and telling them how great they are?

American Idol has had ‘shocking!’ eliminations in the past, and they will continue to have ‘Shocking!’ eliminations until the show is cancelled.

What does American Idol want from people anyway? They don’t give it to you straight. They expect everybody who votes to read their minds. I’ve read comments from people on other sites who called ‘America’ stupid. They called the voters ‘idiots’. They were so shocked and appalled that they were never going to watch American Idol again. So be it.

There are so many variables in the voting. If they want things to go their way then they need to change the rules. Give the judges 12 saves. That way the person that they want to win WILL win. Don’t assume that everyone who votes is the Amazing Kreskin.

I like Iggy Pop and I know that it was Rock week, but having Iggy dance around shirtless, and have to cut to the audience during half of the performance because of what seemed like unacceptable lyrics (I could be wrong, but what else am I supposed to believe?) was just bizarre. Is Idol trying to get some kind of street cred?

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