Elementary, My Dear Watson – Forensic Science Quiz

1. Even after a crime scene is cleaned by a tidy crook, investigators can use Luminol to find traces of what?

2. When the only witness to murder is the fly on the wall, what type of scientist can use flies or other insects to establish time, location, and sometimes the manner of death?

3. What mystery writer noted, “whereas a gentleman was expected to put on gloves to dance with a lady, he may now be expected to put on gloves in order to strangle her”?

4. The largest forensics laboratory in the world is run by what United States federal agency?

5. In ancient Greece, at the first known demonstration of forensics, who measured the density and buoyancy of a king’s (allegedly golden) crown to prove the goldsmith was a swindler?

6. The Innocent Project has sprung more than 200 folks from prison. What evidence does it use to prove innocence?

7. Jurors who are fans of CSI or Law and Order sometimes expect forensics to work in court like it does on television. What’s this mistaken expectation called?

8. Whorl, arch, and loop are the three basic patterns for what?

9. The world’s most famous shoe print evidence was found at the Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman murder scene in Los Angeles. Experts found prints from what brand of size-12 shoes?

10. What was the only physical evidence that linked serial killer Ted Bundy to his crimes?

1. Blood
2. Forensic entomologists
3. G.K. Chesterton
4. The FBI
5. Archimedes
6. DNA evidence
7. CSI Effect or CSI Syndrome
8. Fingerprints
9. Bruno Maglis
10. Bite marks

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