A Few Things About TV Shows That Just Irk the Crap Out of Me

1. That 3,6,9,or 12 hours earlier crap.
So, the show starts. It’s a very harrowing scene. One of the shows protagonists has a gun to their head; or is diffusing a bomb with 5 seconds left on the timer; or is in a building that blows up…oh no. There has been no build up to the scene and for a second you think, “Did I miss last weeks episode…Was this a 2 parter”?…and then it happens. Right when you are positive that there is no way that the hero can escape the situation and that they are surely going to die, the scene switches and this pops up…


I hate that. I don’t want to know that there is a precarious situation coming up. I don’t want to know that so and so is going to be in some tough spot. The only saving grace for me in that situation is knowing that the episode writers are going to come up with some totally unbelievable deus ex machina that I’m probably going to buy because I have been trained by television to suspend my disbelief to the point of absurdity.

2. Why on earth does The Biggest Loser have to be 2 hours long?
Seriously, why? That’s longer than most movies. Everything about that show reeks contrived melodrama. Yeah, I know… the show does inspire and help people. I get that. But why do they have to keep showing the same scenes before and after the commercials? That wastes time. Not only that, but the shocked reactions that they show of the contestants and trainers before the commercials aren’t even the correct ones. They show that same stupid ‘Bob being shocked face’ or the ‘Jillian making a disappointed face and putting her head in her hand’ clip on just about every 3rd weigh-in. Then they come back from the commercial and do the weigh-in AGAIN. Ok, you’ve already shown that part. Seriously, Allison does nothing on that show but reiterate. It’s like Allison deja vu.

Oh yeah, and those uncleverly disguised commercials that the contestants and trainers do within the show are irritating too. This leads me to no. 3.

3. TV shows that incorporate commercials into the characters dialog (They do it on Bones and Hawaii Five-0 all the time).
Example: Chasing bad guys. Make a sharp turn. Character comments on the car’s (specific make and model) reaction time.
The dialog is so out of place that it is ludicrous. It’s so obvious what they are doing. They are advertising the sponser right in the middle of the show. STOP DOING THAT. That’s what commercials are for. Don’t think that we are too stupid to not know what you are doing.
4. American Idol blaming  ‘America’ when someone gets kicked off the show.
In one week the judges say that any of the contestants would be a good ‘American Idol’. They say that everybody sang great (which is a lie, of course). Then, they get pissed when a specific person gets voted out the next week. Hey judges, you’re the ones who used the save too early. You’re the ones who picked the contestants (although, I don’t believe that for a second. More like the producers and the sponsers. You can’t tell me that Ford and Coca Cola don’t have a say in the decision).
If you are going to blame anyone, blame the fact that you allow super-texting, or whatever it’s called. There are so many bad variables in the voting procedure. Don’t blame America. Blame your stupid system.

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2 Responses to A Few Things About TV Shows That Just Irk the Crap Out of Me

  1. Jeff Silvey says:

    Good list, those bug me too. #1 is a total J.J. Abrams thing. He did that all the time on Alias. Bugged me silly. So what, the entire rest of the episode is now a prequel? Weak device. And I never did believe they even really count the votes on American Idol. Besides, if the person who wins is the most popular, why do so many of the winners have such weak careers afterward?

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