One Hit Wonders Quiz

1. When the German group Nena recorded their song “99 Luftballoons” in English, what was the song retitled?

2. What radio DJ became a one-hit wonder in the 1970s with the novelty song “Disco Duck”?

3. This pop group was “too sexy” for a shirt, a cat, and pretty much everything else>

4. David Soul, star of Starsky and Hutch went to #1 in 1977 with his ballad “Don’t Give Up On Us.” Was he Starsky or Hutch?

5. Bobby McFerrin sang – and provided the instrumental “backing” – in what ultrapositive, completely a capella hit from 1988?

6. The Starland Vocal Band only had one hit, but they still got a short-lived TV variety show out of it. Name the song.

7. Terry Jacks had joy. Terry Jacks had fun. Terry Jacks also had what?

8. “Rapper’s Delight” is regarded as the first nationally popular rap song. The group that sang it, influential as they were, only had one hit. Name the group.

9. The 1960s garage rock classic “Double Shot of my Baby’s Love” was performed by what band?

10. Devo wore flowerpots on their head and sang like robots. What was their only hit?

11. The Tom Tom Club, who had one hit in 1982 with “Genius of Love” was a side project of two members from what mega-popular 1980s band?

1. “99 Red Balloons”
2. Rick Dees
3. Right Said Fred
4. Hutch
5. “Don’t Worry Be Happy”
6. “Afternoon Delight”
7. “Seasons in the Sun”
8. The Sugarhill Gang
9. The Swinging Medallions
10. “Whip It”
11. Talking Heads

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