Final Jeopardy for 6/22/11

Category: Literary Characters

His “remarks about the confederacy…made Atlanta look at him first in bewilderment, then coolly and the then with hot rage”

Answer: Rhett Butler

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8 Responses to Final Jeopardy for 6/22/11

  1. Nancy says:

    It is a nuisance trying To research on the Net and get your answer right away. Why do you need to post? Put a link to your answer if you want to show off.

    • bobcb518 says:

      I’m not showing off. I post it after I watch “Jeopardy”. It’s for my friends and subscribers who want to know what the answer was. It’s not my fault that it comes up in google and other searches. Besides,
      it’s just the Final Jeopardy question, not the end of the world. Sorry if it screws up your whole day.
      It you don’t want to see it, then don’t click on it or look at it. DUH.

    • lukey1980 says:

      Umm…find the answer right away is basically Google’s main objective in search? How can someone complain about finding what they were looking for quickly? I’m confused.

  2. Gyle says:

    I appreciate you posting the final q&a. I call my mom everyday to talk about the show. If we miss it , I look it up and read her the last question. I know it sounds silly, but she really enjoys the discussion. Thanks!

    • bobcb518 says:

      Thanks Gyle. I really appreciate you saying that. Jeopardy comes on early where I live and I usually post the final question right after the show. I do it for the very reason that you talked about. In case people miss it.

  3. Jonboy9 says:

    It could be what Nancy is saying or I am saying now is that the answer is too close to the question,I know I have to tickle scroll so as not to see the question and ponder it.

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