Final Jeopardy for 7/06/11

Kids Week

Category: U.S. State Names

Of the 4 states that begin & end with the same vowel, the one that doesn’t begin & end with the same letter as the other 3 states

Answer: Ohio

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12 Responses to Final Jeopardy for 7/06/11

  1. richard nyman says:


  2. DJ says:

    what a messed up a question, for even the regular adult jeopardy but even for kids ..

    good thing the one kid got it, but im sorry even though they are kids, at the jeopardy level, saying something like Florida was kinda sad and she wasnt guessing.

    but regardless… this was even difficiult for me , as I thought ” OKLAHOMA ” … starts and ends with a vowel but ends with a different letter…

    until after 10 reads I realized… OHIO … compared to ALABAMA, ALASKA … right the 4th start and end with a vowel but DIFFERENT

    come on alex, we like challenges, but stop making them so ridiculous. these questions dont help people they confuse people… word the questions a little better sometimes.. 🙂

    thanks. otherwise, keep up the good works.

    • bobcb518 says:

      I agree. The question was worded strange. Once I heard the answer I was like, “Oh, that’s what they meant.” Maybe the question was worded for kids and not adults. IDK. The girl who said Florida acted so shocked that it wasn’t the correct answer.

  3. Beverly A. MacPherson no title before my name please says:

    We did not like this question it was poorly written. What are the four states.

    • bobcb518 says:

      It WAS poorly written.
      Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, and Ohio. All begin and end with the same vowel, but Ohio begins and ends with a different vowel than the other 3.

  4. Ben says:

    The kid who won…what’s the deal with the way his answer was printed?

  5. Tim says:

    Did anyone notice that the winner had his answer typed (not written on the e pad? Is that normal?

    • Ben says:

      Did you ever get any kind of answer to this question. I was curious about it also.

      • OrthodoxAtheist says:

        Found this on another page while looking for an answer to the same question:

        “Hi All, I am the mom of B.D. Schwarz, who was last night’s winner. His answer was typed because he has a neurological disorder called dystonia that makes his hand muscles contract. He has handwriting so bad that it took three tries for him to write his name legibly for the podium and his name is only two letters long! Jeopardy! is amazing with disabilty accomodations, and allowed him a keyboard for Final Jeopardy.”

  6. Alma says:

    I had to read it over again though before I actually could understand what it was asking. Then I got it pretty quick when I went through the vowels ha.

  7. DJ says:

    thanks. thats all I was saying 😉 glad I wasnt the only one… I know its kinda dumb to mention it but the fact its even on the kids tournament, that was not very cool 😛

    they have to do a little better job on wording some of these better 😉

    but otherwise … still try to watch the show every day 🙂

    keep up the good work =-P

  8. DJ says:

    woh, what ? where that link come from ? ” the mom ” ?

    give me a break .

    show me the reference please 🙂

    thank you. take care friends.

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