Final Jeopardy for 7/18/11

Category: World Geography

Of the 4 largest Asian countries in area, it’s one only one that borders the other 3

Answer: China

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8 Responses to Final Jeopardy for 7/18/11

  1. ray says:

    Just a wild guess could find this answer on the Internet. Caught the answer as leaving the room . . but missed the names of the other three countries. Can you send? Thnx. ray

  2. they did not mention the other 3. but they are:

    aloha from hawaii…
    john blahuta

  3. william callahan says:

    I don’t get it: Russia borders the other three as well. In fact, three of the other countries border the other three.
    Mongolia may not have a border with Kazakhstan. I can’t tell

    • but is has with C H I NA !!!!
      the answer was CHINA and it borders on russia, mongolia and kazakhstan. it does not matter whether k. and m. border ……



    • plus, russia does NOT border mongolia. some of the states the belonged to the former soviet union do, but there is no soviet union anymore. so e.g. kirgistan or kasachstan border mongolia but NOT russia !!!


  4. william callahan says:

    Russia does too border Mongolia!!! That’s a bogus clue.

  5. Kris says:

    The three countries are Russia, India, and Kazakhstan. Mongolia isn’t one of the four largest. And if you don’t consider Kazakhstan Asia, then the four would be Russia, India, and Mongolia.

    China is the only one that borders all three, regardless of which of the four above you consider to be ‘Asia’.

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