Final Jeopardy for 8/08/11

Category: Sports in America

Seen with a piece of equip., Bryn Mawr’s 1st Physical Education director brought this sport to the U.S.; it shares part of it’s name with another sport

Answer: Field Hockey


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6 Responses to Final Jeopardy for 8/08/11

  1. S stedfast says:

    I am Looking for a photo that went with this question.

  2. elizabeth lacy says:

    what was the Jeapordy answer for the question about God and Despotism?

  3. Albert Lewis says:

    does anyone know the two idiotic questions that were given? well i know one was just “hockey” but what did that other idiot say?

  4. David says:

    What happened to the Final Jeopardy updates?

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